Welcome! I hope you will find this site a worthwhile resource. My intention is to offer information and links that will help others who seek a more natural method of caring for the honey bee. My goal is to enter a sustainable and symbiotic relationship with the bee. The bee gives honey and wax for my use and I provide dry shelter and guarantee plenty of honey stores for the winter.

I will attempt to keep the blog updated as noteworthy info is available. I request that you use the Contact Me link to provide feedback or make requests. I will post those emails that make me laugh, correct mistakes I have made, or make me out to be smarter than I truly am (these will be in bold print). I intentionally designed this site without a forum - I’m not fond of politics and that seems to be the purpose of them :)

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Honeyberry Residents

Please check out the site - there are links to some really great resources. If you are a return visitor, you will know I have been pushing the concept of the top bar hive and have tried one. I have found it to be different to work, enough to decide to move away from the trough type hive. I still like the idea of allowing the bee to decide the cell size in the comb. I will be using foundationless frames in my brood boxes from now on. I’ll keep you posted on the conversion - moving comb into a foundationless frame from the top bar hive. I still think the top bar hive is worthy of consideration if you are only to keep one hive, or have a limited budget. I wish I could say my back was happy with this decision, but hey, chiropractors gotta make a living too!